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Pedestrian safety has to be a priority in the summer months

The summer months are here and people are out fully enjoying the lovely weather. While this is done in fun, there are some very serious dangers that come with this time of year. One of these is that pedestrians are out in full force, which can mean that they are at risk of being hit by a vehicle.

It is imperative that all drivers are paying attention to what is going on when there are pedestrians around. Sadly, many drivers are so focused on getting to their destination as quickly as possible that they forget other people want to make it to where they are going safely. In their hurry, these drivers might ignore basic right of way laws. This can produce tragic results.

One thing that all drivers must remember is that pedestrians do have the right of way sometimes. For example, they have the right of way when they are in crosswalks. Instead of trying to rush through it and expecting the walkers to stop, drivers are supposed to stop and allow those individuals to cross the street. There are also times when they can cross at intersections while drivers have to stop.

The size and weight of vehicles means that they will almost always win when pitted against the fragile human body. Unfortunately, this means that pedestrians who are struck by cars can suffer from serious injuries or even death as a result of the crash. When a person is hit, he or she might decide to seek compensation from the driver who hit him or her. This may help to defray the costs of medical care and other financial impacts of the crash.

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