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Civil claims are possible after drunk driving accidents

Drunk driving crashes are serious matters because they are preventable in all circumstances. With all of the public service announcements on the matter, there really isn’t ever an excuse. If you are struck by a drunk driver, you might decide that having them go through the criminal justice process isn’t enough. You might opt to seek compensation through the civil court system.

We know that you are going through a lot right now. Your pain might be beyond measure and you may be in the midst of having to go to many doctor visits. While we can’t do much for your pain, we can help you get your case moving through the civil court system.

One thing to consider when you are in this position is that you might have to pay the cost of the injuries and other damages if you don’t do anything. There are specific time limits that apply to these cases, so be sure that you act quickly. There isn’t any reason why you should have to be the one to pay for things like medical bills or have to deal with lost wages.

We realize that you might not be able to add anything else to your plate right now. We can get your side of the matter and work on your behalf to get your case together. There are times when a settlement might be possible. If you are willing to consider this, we will work toward that resolution since many people appreciate that it is usually faster and might be less costly than going through a full jury trial in these matters.

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