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Victims of drunk driving crashes should demand compensation

As the holiday season approaches, people will be heading out to parties to celebrate. Many of these are going to include adult beverages. This means that anyone on the road has to be aware that drunk drivers might be near them. Unfortunately, even the safest driver might fall victim to a drunk driver’s negligence.

We understand that you never thought that you would be injured in an accident with a drunk driver. When this occurs, you might be unprepared to have to pay for the medical care that you need due to your injuries. Seeking compensation from the drunk driver is one way that you can find closure for the accident and try to get the medical bills covered.

You might think that getting compensation from a drunk driver is easy since their intoxication level proves they were negligent. This isn’t always the case. We’re familiar with the laws that govern drunk driving accidents. We can work on your behalf to find out if anything else contributed to the crash so that we can include that information in your claim.

Another issue that you face with drunk driving crashes is that the person is also going to face criminal charges. The good news is that these cases are not dependent upon each other. Even if the person is found not guilty of drunk driving, they can still be found liable for your injuries in the civil court system.

We are here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. We can review your medical bills, determine what future medical bills you might incur and find out what other damages for which you may seek compensation. Once we know this, we can move forward with making your claim. Remember, you must act quickly because there a strict time limit to get these cases filed.

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