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Pedestrian alert: Driver behavior is unpredictable by crosswalks

Most pedestrians know that they need to be careful when they cross the street. They usually do a good job of making sure they only cross in designated areas and look both ways first. Still, sometimes accidents occur in crosswalks.

The reason behind many of these crashes is simple — motorists who drive negligently. They seem to forget that pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks. This isn’t contingent upon how much of a hurry the driver is in. Instead, the onus is on the driver to stop at the crosswalks when there is a pedestrian making their way across the road.

Sometimes, there are traffic control devices at the crosswalk. Pedestrians should only attempt to cross the street when the signal for them to do so is illuminated. They shouldn’t try to cross when the signal for staying put is lit up.

Using common sense is necessary for pedestrians, but they can’t be held solely responsible for auto-pedestrian collisions. Even when they have the right of way, trying to gauge whether a car will stop or not is difficult. One study found that driver behavior near marked crosswalks is unpredictable. If a person who is walking doesn’t think that a car is slowing down for them to cross, it is always a better choice to wait until the car has passed than to try to cross and risk being struck by the approaching vehicle.

If you were struck by a car, you may have suffered serious injuries. Seeking compensation for the damages might help to protect your financial stability.

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