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Financial devastation can come after being hit by a car

Being struck by a car can lead to very serious injuries. When you are walking or riding a bike, you don’t have the protection of the body and frame of a car. This means that your body will take the full brunt of the impact. Plus, you may have the impact of hitting the ground when you fall. We recognize that you might be facing a long road to recovery.

In the early days after the accident, you might not be able to do much. For some, these days are spent in the hospital. When you aren’t able to work, your income will suffer. Most people don’t have thousands of dollars that they can throw around while they are incomeless during the healing process.

Even though you were in such a serious accident, you will still have bills to pay. This can put you in dire financial straits because you probably don’t have unlimited savings to rely on. There might come a point when you have to decide what you are going to pay and what is going to go without being paid.

When you think about all you have to deal with because of the actions of the driver who slammed into you, anger might manifest. This is normal, but you have to find a productive way to handle it. You do have the option of seeking compensation. This is a way that you can attempt to shift the financial liability to the person who was negligent. We can help you get your case together, and we will represent your interests as the case moves forward.

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