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Hit by a drunk driver? You have legal options

Drunk drivers don’t have any business being out on the road. Wrecks involving these drivers are fully preventable, but people who have been drinking often think there isn’t anything wrong with them and that they can make it home without incident. For the innocent victims of these crashes, the situation is often so infuriating that they have to do something. One option that you have is to seek compensation through a claim for damages.

When you file a lawsuit, your case is heard in the civil court system. Since this independent of the criminal court system, you can file your claim whether the person is facing criminal charges or not. This means that there are two ways the drunk driver might be held accountable.

We can help you assemble your civil claim. The prosecutors will handle the criminal case, so you don’t have to worry about that one. This enables you to focus on healing from your accident.

There are many expenses that can be included in a civil claim. We will go over your case to determine which losses and damages apply. Typically, lost wages, medical bills and similar expenses are included in these cases.

It is important that you include all the possible damages in your case. Once the matter is resolved, either through an award by a judge or jury or via settlement, you can’t return and ask for more money. With this in mind, we must determine whether you will have future expenses related to the crash. We don’t want to miss anything that could help you get the full compensation you deserve.

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