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Drunk driving crashes can lead to criminal and civil cases

Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day are right around the corner. These holidays often involve massive parties that can include alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, this means that drivers might get behind the wheel while they are impaired. This could lead to crashes that claim innocent lives or cause injuries to people who were just going about their normal day.

For the drunk drivers, the likelihood of criminal charges is great in these cases. What they might not realize is that the victims also have the option of filing a case against the driver in civil court. These are completely different systems, so even if they are found not guilty in the criminal case, they can still be found liable in the civil court system.

When you file a claim for compensation, you are seeking for the drunk driver to cover your medical bills and other expenses that you have stemming from the crash. You need to be realistic about what you’ve had to pay and what you will pay in the future. This can include things like the wages you missed when you were unable to work due to the injuries and the care that you need because of the crash.

It can be challenging to get your case put together. You have to show that the drunk driver’s negligence caused the crash, that the wreck caused your injuries and that the financial damages you suffered were due to those injuries. Remember that you are on a time limit for getting your claim filed because once the statute of limitation expires, you can’t take legal action.

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