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Connecticut pedestrian deaths and injuries are on the rise

Pedestrians in Connecticut may want to become more vigilant while crossing streets in their neighborhoods, as several people have died or been injured in accidents over the past several weeks. Several factors, including a change in daylight hours, intoxication and distracted driving can cause these accidents, and authorities in the area want to warn those who travel by foot that they may be unaware of the dangers this may cause. 

This was the case for several people last month in Connecticut, including a local Republican politician who was killed while crossing the street after dark. On the same evening in different neighborhoods, two other men and one woman were badly injured in the same manner. This is a trend in the state, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, pedestrian deaths and injuries have risen nearly 20 percent. While some authorities note that more accidents take place in the evening hours, as was the case of the individual who was struck and killed, they also reported that an increase in larger vehicles and driver inattention may be other major factors in these accidents. The cause of the recent incidents is still under investigation and currently, the condition of the three people who were injured is unknown. 

When people die as the result of a vehicle-pedestrian accident, those who are left behind may not know where to turn for help or closure. Consulting an attorney might offer them some insight into how to proceed with a possible court case, especially if it is determined that the driver was at fault. 

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