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Accidents between large commercial vehicles and "ordinary" automobiles almost always result in catastrophic injuries or death to the car's occupants. As a result, commercial trucking companies and their insurers - knowing that damages in these cases can quickly run into the millions - usually act quickly to start protecting themselves from these claims and personal injuries. Take action to protect your rights or those of your loved ones and contact our lawyers for a free consultation and an honest evaluation of your truck accident case.

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At the Law Offices of John J. LaCava, LLC, we are not afraid to take on the trucking companies and insurance corporations and have proven ourselves up to the task of protecting our clients' interests time and time again.

As a firm, we represent truck accident victims, throughout Fairfield County in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Our attorneys know the laws and regulations that govern the interstate trucking industry and are well acquainted with the various forms of negligence responsible for these accidents, including:

  • Brake failure
  • Poor maintenance
  • Excessive speed
  • Improperly secured cargo loads
  • Truck drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Overtiredness, drowsiness

Regardless of what caused the 18-wheeler crash or truck accident, the importance of hiring your own attorney as soon after the accident as possible cannot be overstated. Why? Because in many cases, tire skid marks, accident debris, drivers' logs, witness statements, and other evidence needs to be carefully analyzed and preserved quickly. Otherwise, evidence can become "lost" or degraded, and witness memories can easily fade. This can significantly and adversely affect your chances to obtain a fair result.

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