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Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. LaCava,

“My Experience working with attorney John LaCava of the attorney firm, Attorney John LaCava was most effective in handling my case efficiently and as diligently as possible. I was kept well informed and advised throughout the entire process. As a result I was prepared and confident for my deposition and proceedings with satisfactory results. It was a pleasure working with a truly professional person who displayed a friendly, yet business like demeanor. I would recommend attorney John LaCava as a person to get the job done.”

Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,


Dear John:

We first met in early 2004. I had been injured in two automobile accidents which had happened within months of each other. The last accident had occurred while I was employed. Because I have had an insurance claims background, I had attempted to resolve my claims directly with the insurance companies before trying to find an attorney to represent me. The first attorney I found turned out not to be the right one for me and I was not represented when I initiated a workers’ compensation action.

Thank goodness that the workers’ compensation commissioner refused to let me proceed on my own. Both the commissioner and the opposing attorney were kind enough to suggest several lawyers who could handle all three cases. Very complimentary remarks were made about you by the commissioner and the other attorney. You have a great reputation among your colleagues and that was a good indication to me of your professionalism.

The legal and medical issues in all of three claims were very complicated and intertwined. Over the next two plus years, you worked diligently and provided excellent legal representation resulting in successful resolutions of my claims. In addition, you were always available to patiently answer my questions and assist me with other legal matters I was involved with at that time. Your work has been of the highest caliber. I feel very fortunate that you agreed to represent me. I will recommend you highly to anyone involved in circumstances similar to mine.

Thank you again for all you have done for me.