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Stamford Birth Injury Lawyer

When a child suffers a birth injury, many parents pose the question: “Could my child’s pain and suffering have been prevented?” It is natural to question the care provided in the obstetrician’s office, in the delivery room or shortly after birth. While birth injuries sometimes just happen, in other circumstances, doctor negligence is to blame.

If you have learned that your child suffers from a birth injury, you have likely received extensive information about the injury. The information that many parents are searching for, however — information about how the injury occurred — is not always given so openly.

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Was Medical Malpractice To Blame For The Birth Injury?

Under Connecticut law, a claim against a doctor or medical provider cannot be made unless a doctor with similar experience and knowledge is willing to provide a written opinion that the birth injury was caused by substandard care. Substandard care could take several forms, such as:

  • Did the doctor fail to perform a cesarean section (C-section) when information indicated it was the safest method of delivery for the circumstances?
  • Did the doctor negligently or forcefully use devices such as forceps or a vacuum?
  • Did the doctor fail to review fetal monitoring strips for signs of fetal distress?
  • Did the doctor fail to perform adequate testing to detect a particularly large baby or breech baby, which should have been delivered via C-section?

Any of these types of negligence can result in a lifetime of challenges for an infant. Lack of oxygen to the brain can cause the baby to suffer cerebral palsy. Likewise, forceful delivery when there are delivery complications — such as shoulder dystocia — can lead to Erb’s palsy. Our law firm is prepared to investigate and pursue birth injury and wrongful death claims that arise from medical malpractice.

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