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Understand Your Rights After An Apartment Fire

An apartment building is a private premise with three or more apartments that is taken care of by a landlord, property manager or other type of property owner. The property owner is responsible for providing tenants and their guests with a safe building. This means they must comply with the safety regulations for apartment buildings. If safety regulations go overlooked or are ignored altogether, serious injury and death can occur.

As a skilled Connecticut attorney and a volunteer fireman, John J. LaCava provides highly knowledgeable legal representation to burn injury victims and other apartment fire victims.

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What Caused The Fire That Injured You?

Mr. LaCava is an active member of the Weston Volunteer Fire Department as well as a state certified firefighter (Firefighter I). It is critical to your claim that your attorney and a team of fire and safety experts promptly investigates the fire to pinpoint the cause.

OurStamford law firm has significant knowledge of burn injuries and fire code violations. Landlords, as well as property builders, must comply with the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code (CSFSC). When they do not, fires can start and spread more rapidly than if the codes were followed. For example, the following items can help retard the rate of the fire or spread of smoke:

  • Location and type of smoke detectors and smoke alarms
  • Specific requirements for exits, stairs, sprinkler systems and smoke barriers
  • Fire doors and self-closing doors

If any of these safety measures are not taken, the fire and smoke from an electrical fire or other type of fire can spread rapidly, resulting in serious injury and death. Our law firm can fully investigate if an unsafe apartment building could have been prevented by a property owner or builder.

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