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Did You Suffer A Back Injury At Work?

If you suffered a back injury or spinal cord damage while working at your place of employment, the Law Offices of John J. LaCava, LLC, can help you file a workers’ comp claim to recover the benefits you are entitled to.

Attorney John LaCava has more than 25 years of experience helping put lives back together. We can help you, too. Contact our offices to schedule a free initial consultation with a Stamford back injury attorney.

How Did Your Back Injury Happen?

At the Law Offices of John J. LaCava, LLC, you will find an attorney and staff experienced in representing people with back injuries and other serious workplace injuries. We have represented people suffering from herniated disks, back strains, vertebrate fractures, cervical fractures, spinal cord damage and all types of serious back injuries.

Some of the most common workplace back injury cases we handle result from:

  • Falls from height
  • Strain of lifting heavy tools and supplies
  • Operating heavy and dangerous machinery
  • Tripping or falling on debris
  • Overuse of back and shoulders

Evaluating A Back Injury Claim

In any workplace back injury case, careful evaluation of the injury and accident is essential. While a spinal cord injury can be relatively simple to tie to a single incident at work, a sore back may be a result of constant heavy lifting. Or perhaps the strain occurred when a worker operated a piece of machinery, but cannot pinpoint a specific point when the injury occurred. Additionally, someone may go to the doctor thinking they pulled a muscle, when in reality it is a more serious slipped disk injury.

All of these elements play into filing a successful workers’ compensation claim. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will guide you through the workers’ comp process, helping to make sure you have the medical and physical evidence you need to file a successful claim. We will advise you on what to do immediately following a workplace accident, and make sure you take the proper steps so as not to jeopardize your case.

Contact A Connecticut Workplace Injury Compensation Attorney

Our main offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut, but you can reach us at any of our three convenient Fairfield County locations by calling 888-522-2821 or by contacting an attorney online with a brief description of your situation. You can speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer directly about your case.

We have three locations, in Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport, to conveniently serve our clients with day or evening appointments. Initial consultations are always provided free of charge. Appointments can be made for evenings, weekends and off-site locations for your convenience.

You will pay no fees or costs unless we recover compensation in your case.