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Tragic Connecticut Crash An Opportunity To Remind Victims Of Their Rights

A tragic accident in Connecticut resulted in the hospitalization of five after an Audi A4 crossed a double yellow line on Route 67. The Audi was attempting to navigate a curve in the highway when it lost control and crossed the center line. After entering oncoming traffic the Audi crashed head on with a Honda Civic.

The Jaws of Life were needed to help free the driver and a passenger from the Honda before transporting them to the hospital for further treatment. The driver of the Audi and two young passengers were also hospitalized.

No charges have been filed for the car accident, but personal injuries claims may be filed in the future.

Rights Of Victims Of Car Crashes

Those involved in a car crash may experience some shock and confusion about what to do after an auto accident. It is important for victims of motor vehicle accidents to know that compensation may be available to cover medical and rehabilitative expenses.

In many situations, a driver may be held liable for injuries that result from a car crash. Often, the legal theory of negligence applies. According to this theory, a driver is required to operate a vehicle with reasonable care. If reasonable care is not exercised, the driver has violated a duty to other vehicles on the road, pedestrians, bicyclists or anyone else that may be injured by the driver’s actions.

In order to qualify for compensation, the victim must not only establish that the driver violated this duty, but that the driver’s negligence resulted in the accident and the victim received an injury as a result of this accident.

A victim can establish that the driver violated this duty by proving the driver failed to obey traffic laws, disregarded weather conditions, was distracted by a smartphone or other electronic device or was operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Negligence is not the only legal theory that may lead to compensation for a victim injured in a car accident. Reckless driving, drunk driving and other criminal charges may also apply.

Navigating the intricate laws associated with car accidents can be difficult, but compensation is often available for victims injured by the actions of careless or reckless drivers.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, contact an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer to discuss your situation and better protect your legal rights and remedies.