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Helping Clients Get Naturalization

Helping Clients Get Naturalization

If you have your permanent residence status, the next step in your immigration path is to file an application for naturalization to become a citizen. However, even seemingly minor problems with your citizenship application can significantly jeopardize your status. It is important to get an experienced immigration attorney to help guide you through the process to avoid potential issues.

Attorney John LaCava has more than 25 years of experience guiding people through the United States citizenship process. We can help you manage the process efficiently and effectively, giving you the best possible chance of having your application granted.

Before you file for United States citizenship, contact an experienced lawyer at our firm today.

Immigration Legal Services

At the Law Offices of John J. LaCava, LLC, we provide a wide range of immigration legal services to help you receive citizenship, including:

  • Reviewing your immigration history to make certain you are eligible for citizenship
  • Analyzing your immigration case to make sure there are no outstanding issues
  • Reviewing the application for naturalization to spot and correct any errors
  • Gathering and filing paperwork so you have the peace of mind that everything was completed and filed correctly

Additionally, we advise on various issues that could jeopardize your application for citizenship. These include a criminal conviction, an issue with how you obtained permanent resident status, failure to register for selective service or another problem. We look for all of these things and assist in addressing them before submitting the application.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer

Our main offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut, but you can reach us at any of our three convenient Fairfield County locations by calling or by contacting an immigration attorney online with a brief description of your situation. You can speak with a lawyer directly about your case.

Appointments can be made for evenings, weekends and off-site locations.

For more detailed information, visit Attorney LaCava is listed in the Woodward White Publication “Best Lawyers in America” in the field of immigration.

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